1. Black Rain 2015 NRA Limited Edition 085 of 1000

Black Rain 2015 NRA Limited Edition 085 of 1000

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The Black Rain Ordnance 2015 NRA Limited Edition is a unique version of the company's gas impingement-operated Fallout 15 semi-auto model. 

The bolt and bolt carrier assembly have received a nickel-boron finish for increased durability and lubricity. 

The lower receiver is configured in typical AR-15 fashion with the magazine release on the right side and the bolt catch and safety selector located on the left. The receivers show the most obvious limited edition markings to be found on the rifle (in white). These include Limited Edition 2015 printed on the left side of the upper receiver just under the sight rail, NRA 1871 inside the dust cover, the limited edition unit number (0085/1000) on the right side of the lower receiver just above the trigger housing and the full NRA logo on the right side of the magazine well.

Inside the lower receiver is a Black Rain BRO-DIT single-stage trigger group which features a blue anodized housing and custom steel bow trigger. Secured firmly in place with a set of KNS Precision anti-rotation pins, this trigger is listed as shipping with a 3-lbs. 7-oz. trigger pull. However, the unit provided with this rifle exhibited a crisp, clean, well-tuned performance of just 2 lbs. 7 oz. according to a Lyman's digital trigger gauge. This made it a real pleasure to work with at the shooting range. 

Each and every component has been crafted carefully with an eye toward producing a unique rifle any NRA, 2nd Amendment or AR-15 enthusiast would be proud to own. 

The buffer assembly is housed in a UTG buffer tube paired with a six-postion rubber padded MOE shoulder stock from Magpul. Where the tube joins the receiver a Magpul ASAP single-point sling mount has been installed. The comfortable textured pistol grip with storage compartment is also a Magpul MOE product. 

The custom 16" threaded barrel is constructed of 416r stainless steel with a Wylde chamber and modified throat for improved accuracy when using both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem. cartridges. Six 6" flutes are added near the muzzle after the barrel has been treated with a matte black salt bath nitride to give the barrel a two-tone finish. The round stainless steel BRO Competition Compensator features two large side-facing ports with four more small ports along the top to reduce felt recoil.

The rifle arrives with an American-made NRA logo padded soft case with magazine pouches attached along the outside, a quick detach single-point sling fitted with a wide elastic strap, and a single Magpul 30-round polymer PMAG magazine. No sights are provided.

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