55 Grain Hornady FMJ Bullets (5.56/223 Rem)

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Caliber-   5.56

 Projectile-   55 Grain FMJ (Hornady Projectile)

            B.C.-  .243 (G1)

         Barrel-  16 .223 Wylde                                           

 Twist Rate-    1:8                                 

Gas system-   Mid-length                                 

      Velocity-    2868 FPS                                       

       Energy-     1005 LBS                                     

          Safe for Suppressors?-  YES

          New or Re-man brass-  Re-man

          Best Application-  Target / Training, Hunting (Varmit)

Round Description:

Our 5.56 round features one of Hornady s longtime famous 55gr projectiles.  Hornady s advanced manufacturing process always delivers great results.  You top this projectile on our re-manufactured military brass, and you end up with a very accurate round that is perfect for a day of training or quality time at the range.

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