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50 Count Box - 55 Gr Soft Point .223

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.223 Rem 55gr SP
Part Number: R22355SP
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    50 Count Box - Reman Brass

 Caliber - .223 Rem

 Projectile -  55 grain Soft Point (Hornady Projectile)

  B.C. -  .235 (G1)

 Velocity -  2865 FPS                                       

Energy - 1004 LBS                                     

Best Application- Hunting (Small Game, Varmint), Target

Round Description:

This round features a Hornady 55 grain Soft point projectile. Hornady's quality has certainly not fallen short when they manufactured this high performing projectile.  This projectile is loaded on top of our remanufactured military brass.  Our brass manufacturing process combined with Hornady's quality projectile gives you a high performing round that is ideal for hunting varmints or small game but is still cost-effective enough to allow you to have a good time at the range.

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