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55 Gr. FMJ .223 - 500 Count - Ammo Can and 10 round Magazine included (Hornady Projectile)

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Packaged in Ammo Can with 10 round Magazine included

Brass - Reman

Caliber -  .223

Projectile -  55 Grain FMJ (Hornady Projectile)

B.C. -  .243 (G1)

Velocity - 2868 FPS                                       

Energy - 1005 LBS                                     

 Best Application-  Target / Training, Hunting (Varmit)

Round Description:

Our .223 round features one of Hornady’s longtime famous 55gr projectiles.  Hornady’s advanced manufacturing process always delivers great results.  You top this projectile on our re-manufactured military brass, and you end up with a very accurate round that is perfect for a day of training or quality time at the range.

We load these round to Match Grade Quality. Yes they are loaded in Reman brass, but with our precision loading process you end up with an extremely accurate round. We load everything according to lot#. All ammo has the same lot# of primers, powder, projectiles throughout every box of our ammunition. We use only the best components in our loading. We don't cut corners to save a dollar. We are shooters and only want the best possible ammunition to leave our facility. Hand inspected so only the very best possible rounds reach your doorstep. All ammunition has been put through extreme testing in various rifle and pistol platforms and in different environments to create real world results. This is the recipe for the best ammunition.

Developed By Shooters For Shooters.

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