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50 Count Box - 45 Gr. Frangible .223

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45 Gr. Frangible *LEAD FREE - TRAINING* - .223
Part Number: R22345FRANG
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50 - Count Box - Reman Brass

Caliber - .223

Projectile - 45 grain Frangible - Lead Free Training Round

B.C. - N/A


Velocity - 2950 fps                                    

Energy - 890 lbs                                     

Best Application-  Steel Training, Target, Hunting (varmints)

Round Description:

This Frangible round is a round that meets most shooter’s need. A Frangible projectile is not made like any other projectile in the industry. It is designed to disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact of its target. 

This makes our 45gr Frangible rounds very versatile. They are fast, reliable, and accurate. 

This round is lead-free, so it is safe to hunt within states with these limitations.

Our frangible allows you to shoot at steel at close ranges without the worry of ricochets. (as close as 5 yards away from steel)

This means whether you are in law enforcement, the military, a hunter, or just looking for a great target round, this is a round that meets every need, while keeping our shooters budget in mind.

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