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50 Count Box - 208 Gr A-Max Subsonic 300 Blackout

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300 AAC Blackout 208gr A-Max Subsonic
Part Number: R300208AMAX
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   50 Count Box - Reman Brass

 Caliber-   300 Blackout  (SUB-SONIC)

 Projectile-   208 Gr AMAX (Hornady Projectile)

            B.C.-   .648

  Velocity-    1052 FPS                                 

   Energy-     510 LBS                                  

Best Application- Target / Training

Round Description:

This round features Hornady’s 208 gr Amax projectile. This projectile has been a long time favorite of 300 Blackout owners because of their accuracy and quality of Hornady's manufacturing process. 

This round is a Sub-sonic round, so it is quiet, safe for suppressed rifles or pistols, and works great in an un-suppressed application as well. 

Another great feature about sub-sonic rounds, in general, is that they make a great round for new shooters, or if you are teaching your children how to begin shooting larger caliber rifles. The sub-sonic round provides less recoil, and less noise, to allow the new shooter a more relaxed enjoyable time while learning/training.

This round is loaded in our re-manufactured military brass, that has been through a meticulous re-forming process that ensures you receive not only great function but great performance.

These features make this a great sub-sonic round for target/training time.

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