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50 Count Box - 150 Gr TMJ 300 Blackout

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300 AAC Blackout 150gr TMJ
Part Number: R300150TMJ
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  50 count Box - Reman Brass

   Caliber- 300 Blackout

Projectile- 150 pp or TMJ


Velocity-  1869 FPS                     


  Energy- 1161 LBS            

Safe for Suppressors? - NO

Best Application-  Target / Training

Round Description:

The 150-grain weight projectiles are extremely popular in 300 blackouts.  What we have done here is taken the most popular 300 blackout supersonic bullet weight and offer it in a Total Metal Jacket.  This means we are able to offer you the most popular 300 blackout bullet weight projectile at a lower cost so you can spend more time than money at the range.

We take this projectile and put it on top of our exacting recipe for remanufactured brass, then finish it off with a precise powder recipe which makes this round perfect for plinking or training.

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