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50/ct - 135 Gr HP Liberator 300 Blackout

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300 AAC Blackout 135gr HP Liberator
Part Number: R300135LIB
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     50 Count Box - Reman Brass

Caliber-  300 Blackout 

Projectile -  135 HP Liberator

           B.C. -  .290

   Velocity-  2125 FPS  


Energy-  1353 LBS                             

Best Application-  Hunting (small, medium game) Home defense

Round Description:

This round features Sierra Bullet Company’s 135-grain HP projectile.  For over 60 years Sierra has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world.  The 135-grain HP offers explosive expansion and instant kills on larger varmints and predators.  It features a thin jacket hollow point bullet that is devastatingly effective and extremely accurate. 

We top this projectile on reman brass that has been through a very meticulous reforming stage to deliver only the best product to your door. 

This is the go-to hunting round for 300 blackouts but crosses as a very effective home defense round.

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