250 Count Box 125 Gr Frangible - 300 Blackout

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250 - Count Box - Lead Free

Reman Brass

Caliber - 300 Blackout

 Projectile-  125 grain Frangible 

            B.C.-   N/A


 Velocity-  2160 FPS                                      

  Energy-  1295 LBS                                       

 Best Application-  Steel Training, Target

Round Description:

A great target round whether you're shooting paper or steel targets. 

- The purpose of frangible bullets is simple: to reduce or eliminate ricochets and backsplash-

Its all about CQB. Anyone who has ran drills on steel plates at close range knows the risk of ricochets from the copper jacket of FMJs is a real danger. With Frangible ammo, you no longer have to worry.

 These rounds were designed to be used on AR500 steel targets as close as five yards away with no backsplash. How do we know this to be true? We use them ourselves on a weekly basis at distances from 5 yards out to 100+ yards. 

This means whether you are law enforcement, military, or just looking for a great target round, this is a round that meets every need, while keeping our shooters budget in mind.

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