200 Gr SubSonic Broadhead 300 Blackout - 20 count Box

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Broadhead 200 Gr. - Sub-Sonic Expanding - 300 Blackout
Part Number: N300200BH
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20 Count Box

Muzzle Velocity:       1050 FPS

Muzzle Energy  :      489 lbs

Features  A Solid Copper Projectile

Factory New Brass

The bullet is designed to perform optimally at 300 blackout subsonic velocities.

 This Round is loaded in Factory New Brass, and Features a solid copper projectile that gets full expansion down to as low as 650 FPS, This round will expand up to 3x it's original size! And still retains nearly 100% of it's body weight while delivering EXTREME transfer of energy. This is a PERFECT hunting or defensive round!

 Guaranteed you won't find a better comparable Sub-Sonic expanding round on the market at this value.

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