150 Gr. FMJ - Hornady - 300 Blackout

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150 Gr. FMJ - Hornady - (Factory New brass) 300 Blackout
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 Caliber-   300 Blackout

Brass - Factory New

Projectile-   150 Grain FMJ 

            B.C.-   .398 (G1)

     Velocity-    1839  FPS   


       Energy-    1125  LBS                                                     

Best Application-  Target / Training

Round Description:

(Factory NEW BRASS)

This round features a Hornady 150-grain projectile.  Hornady s advanced manufacturing process brings a very accurate FMJ to the table here.  We load this in NEW BRASS to achieve better performance every squeeze of the trigger.  New Brass gives better consistency round to round, giving you tighter groups. This way you get more out of your time at the range or on training grounds.

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