140 Gr BTHP 6.5 Creedmoor - 20 Count Box

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110 Grain Nosler Varmageddon (Factory New Brass) - 300 Blackout
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Caliber-   300 Blackout

Brass - Factory New

Projectile-   110 Grain Varmegeddon 

            B.C.-   .293


      Velocity-   2226  FPS    


         Energy-   1210 lbs                                       

Best Application -  Hunting (Small Game, Medium Game, Home Defense)

Round Description:

(Factory NEW BRASS)

This round features one of Nosler's best projectiles for 300 Blackout.  110 grains of explosive energy.  This is how Nosler describes their black metallic polymer tipped projectile, and we have to agree.  Throughout all of our testing, we have been able to achieve longer range accuracy with enough knockout power and expansion to be able to efficiently hunt with.  If you are looking for an accurate round for your 300 blk rifle or needing a good coyote, hog, or deer round, this high performing projectile will exceed your expectations. 

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