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300 AAC Blackout 100gr Frangible Qty 1000 *HIGH QUALITY - LEAD FREE - HUNTING/TRAINING*

300 AAC Blackout 100gr Frangible Qty 1000 *HIGH QUALITY - LEAD FREE - HUNTING/TRAINING*

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Part Number:300BLK100FRANG-1000

High Quality 300 Blackout Ammo That's Affordable! LEGAL TO HUNT WITH IN ALL 50 STATES.

     This frangible round is loaded by Mid America Munitions.  It's a round that meets every shooters needs.  A frangible projectile is not made like any other projectile in the industry.  It is designed to disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact of its target.  This makes our 100gr frangible very versatile in being fast, reliable and extremely accurate. Whether you a law enforcement officer, a soldier, a hunter, a target shooter, or just looking for the perfect home defense round, this is a round that meets every need, while keeping our shooters budget in mind.

This is fully loaded 300 AAC Blackout ammunition, ready to shoot.  This ammunition is made with a milspec primer.  This ammunition is not recommended for bolt action rifles.  We do have this ammunition with standard primers for optimal performance in a bolt action rifle at the same price.

1 - 1000 round pack of 100gr Frangible ammunition comes in our box and loose packed in a plastic sealed bag.

With great ballistics at a great price, this represents one of the most cost effective 300 Blackout rounds in the industry.  Try a box and you'll be back for more! With more muzzle energy and knock down power than a 5.56/.223 round, it has the stopping power that smaller calibers lack.  With the unique ability to switch quickly from a supersonic high velocity round to a subsonic and/or suppressed round with the simple change of a magazine, this round is more versatile than any other caliber on the market! Its one drawback has always been cost and availability.  Not anymore!  You found Mid America Munitions! We thrive to make a high quality superior product at an affordable price.

Mid America Munitions 300 Blackout rounds are manufactured with new projectiles and re-manufactured, once fired, military brass, built to the highest quality, extensively inspected and tested.  Guaranteed to exceed your expectations! Our QC process is one of the best in the industry.  First, our loaded ammunition is ran through a specially designed weigh machine that is capable of weighing within 1/10 of a grain.  This ensures our ammo is consistent and safe.  After being weighed the ammo is then ran through a visual inspection system that uses high speed cameras and lasers to ensure all rounds are within SAAMI specs,  have no cosmetic blemishes and that the primer is properly seated.  Our entire process brings you a high quality superior product that you can count on for safety and consistency with every shot.

Velocity 2100 fps 
Muzzle Energy 1050 
Item #: 300BLK100FRANG-1000

5 Stars
I have shot over 200 rounds of this MAM 100 grain frangible ammo and it has performed flawlessly so far as to cycling the action. No feed or ejection jams and the bolt locks back when the mag was empty. The platform it was shot through was a .300 AAC Blackout SBR with 9” barrel, 1 to 7 twist, M4 feed ramps, using a non-magnification red dot optic. I used 3 different types of Magpul mags and had no issues with any of them (Magpul Gen 2, Gen 3, and Magpuls new .300 Blackout subsonic mag). I would describe this ammo as “Combat accurate” in my before listed platform. I used a lead sled and tested at 50 and 100 yards. The average 10 shot group size at 50 yards was 2 5/8” and at 100 yards the 10 round group opened up to 6”. I would assume accuracy would improve some if shot through a standard carbine length barrel using a magnified optic. Bottom line this is excellent ammo for its price point. Great for plinking or 3 Gun shooting.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 8/5/2017